Check your business credit report to understand how suppliers, clients and lenders see your company.

If you are looking to expand or improve your business and require a loan, your business credit score may affect how much a bank is willing to lend, or even if they are willing to lend to you at all. This will also affect the repayment terms and pricing offered by the loan provider.

It is important that you check your own business credit report to understand how suppliers, clients and lenders see your company. Your business credit report says a lot about how you conduct your business. It can determine how your business appears to other companies and it can be the deciding factor in whether or not those other companies choose to trade with you.

Businesses that check their credit reports will be able to ensure their business is represented accurately so that they can negotiate the best credit terms or take steps to improve their business credit score in the future.

Experian South Africa has introduced a new service that offers you convenient access to your business credit report from as little as R179.

Business Check is a self-service website that is available 24/7 on a pay-per use basis. It is tablet and mobile enabled providing you with direct access via your mobile device from anywhere at any time, assisting you to make informed decisions whenever required.

With Business Check you can:

  • Check your own business credit report conveniently
  • Understand who you are dealing with
  • Set the appropriate payment terms
  • Be alerted to any changes in a company's ability to pay you
  • Take early action and maintain important relationships

Business Check accepts payment via Visa and Master card debit and credit cards as well as payment via electronic fund transfer (EFT).


Should you require assistance in registering on Business Check, one of our consultants will gladly guide you through the process. Please contact (011) 513-1454 or email and one of our consultants will contact you.

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